Share the Fun

The 4-H Share-the-Fun Program is designed to help 4-H’ers discover, develop, and share their talents with others. The objective of the Share-the-Fun Program is to enhance the following areas: appreciation of talent, leadership, confidence, interest in special training, and the ability to discover opportunities for wholesome recreation. For more information about how to get involved in Share-the-Fun, please contact your location County Extension Office or look at the following link.


2017 Event Information

  • When: August 1st, 2017
  • Where: John Wayne Reitz Union, 686 Museum Rd, Gainesville, FL 32611
  • Registration for day only participants TBA
  • Participants must be at the Reitz Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor) by 1:00 PM to begin rehearsals.
  • Share-the-Fun will begin at 8:30 PM


Act Size and Length:

  • Acts may be presented by an individual or a group.
  • Group acts should be limited to a maximum of five participants.
  • Entertainment groups with more than five members are discouraged because of the difficulty in facilitating a group that size. However, this does not rule out participation by such a group if their talent is of exceptional quality and they meet all other requirements. Such an act must be cleared through the State 4-H Office prior to District Events (contact Associate Dean for 4-H Programs). Acts with more than five participants who are not cleared through the State 4-H Office in advance will not be allowed to perform at Florida 4-H University.
  • The time for each act can range from 3-5 minutes. Participants will have a one minute warning and then the act will be called at 5 minutes.

Other Relevant Act Information:

  • The University of Florida bans live animals (i.e. mammals, amphibians, reptiles, etc.) from UF facilities where the State 4-H Share the Fun Competition is held, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs. Therefore, it is essential that the State 4-H Office be contacted prior to Florida 4-H University regarding whether an act involving an animal or reptile will be allowed in the competition.
  • An acoustic piano and basic sound equipment will be supplied.  All other props, instruments, amps, equipment, or other items necessary for the performance are the responsibility of the participant. The sound crew will have the ability to play standard format, store bought music CD’s.  Homemade music CD’s are often useable, but should be considered at your own risk.  DVD, MP3, or other computer sound file formats ARE NOT supported.
  • The State 4-H Events Office will not be responsible for the acquisition of gymnastic equipment such as parallel bars, balance beams, floor mats, etc. to be used by participants in the show.